Do I need to prepare my vehicle for window tinting?

Window Tinting in Chandler,AZ

If you are considering getting your windows tinted it is normal to think about what you can and cannot do to your vehicle before and after a tint job. Below is some advice to help you be ready for a tint job. These pro tips may come in handy!

Window Tinting

Before the tint

It is common for people to ask if they need to prepare anything before they have tint applied to their vehicle. While there are some things you may want to get done before a tint job, a true professional technician should be able to tint your vehicle with zero prep on your part. You can simply set an appointment and let the pros handle everything!

Pro Tip

After your vehicle is tinted we recommend waiting at least 3 days before you take it through a carwash or get it detailed. If your car is dirtier than you like it before your tint job you may want to get it washed. This is not required by any means, but might be some nice info if you have a hot date or a big client!

Window TintingDuring the tint

When you are having the tint installed on your vehicle the only thing you need to prepare for is how dark you want the tint on your vehicle to be. The technician will help you find shades that look great and meet legal requirements.

Pro Tip

Your Technician is highly knowledgeable about the different types of window tinting products that are available and can help you decide if you need a product with heat rejection or a hard shell coating. Discussing how you use your car with the technician will help ensure you have the type of tint you need for how you use your vehicle.

After the Tint

Once your tint job is complete all that is left to do is admire a job well done and follow a few simple guidelines. It takes a few days for the adhesives used to apply your tint to set. While these adhesives dry we ask that you keep your windows up and refrain from washing your car. After 3 days the windows will have had the time they need to set and you can return to using your vehicle normally.

Pro Tip

Have a buddy lined up to take you to the drive-thru or order pizza until your windows have set. Don’t want to mess up that sweet tint job!

These tips and advice about the tinting process should answer all your questions and help you be sure you are ready to tint your windows. Now all that is left to do is set an appointment and pick a pizza place you want to order from!