Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it?

Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it?

If you have been thinking about tinting your windows, then no doubt you have seen the new ceramic options most companies are offering now. Just like you, I asked myself “Is ceramic window tint worth it?” To find my answer I decided to do a little research on the subject, and then get the tint myself so I could report back my results to you!

Chandler Window Tinting

 Ceramic Window Tint Vs Regular Window Tint

It turns out that Ceramic window tint claims to be better in almost every way. Now I will explain how this actually turned out with my results below, but on paper this stuff is awesome! It is more durable than the plastic and metallic stuff. It has one of the highest heat rejection ratings I have ever seen. 3M’s ceramic window tint runs at 80% heat rejection. I live in Chandler, AZ so that is drool worthy in itself. It is also like getting a screen protector on your windows. The ceramic hold everything together better. So that means anything, or anyone, trying to smash your window is going to have a hard time. Extra security and protection from those rocks flinging at you on the road, or that stray golf ball in the parking lot.

So is it actually worth it in practice?

Let’s find out:

Getting Ceramic Window Tint on my Car

It looked pretty cool from my research but the proof is in the pudding! Here is the process of getting my vehicle tinted with ceramic window tint. It was actually a fairly easy process, as I found a great mobile tinting company to come out to me for the install.

 Hiring The Right Company

In construction they say, “Measure twice and cut once”. I don’t like to waste my time on “the cheapest” because I want it done right the first time. I’ve had some buddies try to apply tint themselves in the past and it didn’t go well, so I went to the pros at (enter business name) and they took great care of me! Plus their work comes with a lifetime warranty! Can’t beat that.

Ceramic Window Tin Chandler Applying the Ceramic Window Tint

The process is pretty much the same as getting regular tint installed. I had existing tint on my car that was a little older so
they removed that for me, and started applying the ceramic stuff. The removal brought the price up a bit, and I also had them redo my sun roof, but it wasn’t too bad. It took the Tech about three and a half hours to do the whole job. I’m sure the removal had something to do with that! Same as any kind of tint you can’t get a car wash or roll down your windows for a few days. Then you are good to go! All in all, it was a super easy experience!

The Results

So it’s been a few days now. I ran my car through the car wash just to make sure it was really setting in 3 days and had no issues. I leave my car out in the sun all the time, as I do not have a garage to park in and the results are amazing. When I get in my car it feels like it has been parked in the shade even in direct sunlight! The ceramic stuff just looks cool too. I don’t know what it is, but I love looking at my car now. It doesn’t take nearly as long to cool off my car with the A/C, so I have been using that less. So an extra bonus is I’m saving on overworking my car and cutting down on the gas I use. I’m extremely happy with it and it was worth every penny!


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